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Members and guests will be invited to participate at the level they prefer, to listen-in only, to lead a discussion, and anything in between. Use the chat to introduce topics, comments, questions, and make other type of suggestion. Choose whether or not to join the conversation vocally; upon arrival, each will be encouraged to participate this way. It is a fun and informal learning experience. Drop in part way through, and feel free to check back in, if leaving early. There is no official finish time to the meetings. Some choose to stay on longer / after others, and we try to facilitate as thorough, and equally as unburdened, an exercise as desired by all participants as possible.

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The very simple format is designed to facilitate discovery for the learning goals of members & guests. At times, we find the person who is teaching comes away from the process of explaining things, and answering to question / comment, and entertaining exploratory aspects, being a good mode of learning.

Safety of participation is paramount. We will warn if anything being shared is sensitive or otherwise risky, and make reasonable efforts to ensure those sort of thing can’t go too far.

It is relatively unstructured, save for some basic standard of attentiveness to all who wish to speak, and the standard welcoming invitation to speak, upon entry + per topic.

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